Author:Vanitha, A.


Bibliometrics is derived from Latin/Greek Word which means Biblio--'Books' // Metrics--'Measurement'. Bibliometrics is used to denote the application of mathematical and statistical methods to book. This is also called as a quantitative analysis. The historical review expresses that F.J. Cole and Nellie B. Eates presented the first recorded study on "Bibliometrics" in 1917 in science progress. Hulme was the first person to use the expression 'statistical bibliography' in 1923. In 1969, Pritchard was a first person used the term "Bibliometrics". He denotes the "application of mathematical methods to books and other media of communication".

Literature review:

Exotic earthworm invasion of northern forest soils in North America can affect soil C pools. (1) The common earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa survives drought by forming estivation chambers in the topsoil under even very slight reductions in soil water activity. (2) Earthworm- eating spiders belong mostly to larger sized species dwelling near the ground in woodlands and grasslands. Since earthworms have high protein content, they could be a welcome supplement to the spider's insect diet. (3) Compared to most laboratory animals, earthworms are simple to care for and require little space. Thus, they are practical subjects for simple nutrition studies. Those earthworms most suited for nutrition studies are Lumbricus rubellus and Eisenia foetida, the com--mon red worms used for fishing. (4) Earthworms are among the world's most important ecosystem engineers because of their effects on soil fertility and plant productivity. Their dependence on plants for carbon, however, means that any changes in plant community structure. (5) Vermicomposting is being seen more and more as a way to help our environment and reduce waste. The City of Oakland in California has a recycling program expressly for food waste. (It supplies the bin and you supply the organic garbage.) The City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, supplies residents with worm bins and even has a hot-line you can call to find where to buy worms. Spokane, Washington post's information on how to get started composting with worms to encourage residents to try this environmentally friendly way of disposing of garbage. (9)


This research is focus on earthworm analysis. The records are collected from web of science database for the period of 2007-2016. Total number of publications collected for this study was 3939.

Data analysis:

"Bibexcel" a popular toolbox was used to analyze the data of this earthworm research. Bibexcel was developed by ollepersson, inforsk, Umea univ (Sweden). This software is intended to assist a user in analyzing bibliometric data or any data of a textual nature formatted in a similar manner.

Objectives of the study:

* To examine the Authorship productivity

* To identify the Publication Year list and Document Type

* To determine the Highly Productive Journals

* To indicate the Language wise Distribution

* To find out the application of Zipf law & Lotka's Law

* To ensures the h- index and country collaboration

* To assures the citations and partition map

Authorship productivity:

The total number of articles gathered from web of science database was 3939. In bibliometric analysis, authorship productivity obtained an important role of work. Mainly, it used to analyse the number of articles produced by a single, two and multi authors. Here the percentage of articles also calculated. 181 articles were developed by a single author (i.e.) 4.6%. Added to that, 543 articles were developed by the combination of two author (i.e.) 13.8% and 771 articles were developed by the three author collaboration (i.e.) 19.6%. Thus the output shows that the three author contribution is more than other. Collaboration of author makes the research very broad in manner and informative one than...

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