Literary fiction.

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How It All Began | PENELOPE LIVELY: The London-based author won the Booker Prize for Moon Tiger (1987), about a woman who, on her deathbed, pens a story that starts out as a history of the world but turns intensely personal. How It All Began (after Family Album **** Mar/Apr 2010) examines how chance affects people's lives--from a retired school teacher to an interior designer with high hopes and an elderly historian wishing to recapture his youth.


The Odds A Love Story | STEWART O'NAN: Stewart O'Nan just may be one of the most original--if often over-looked--American novelists writing today. In his 13th novel, Art and Marion Fowler's home is on the brink of foreclosure, and their marriage is on the rocks. Desperate, they head to Niagara Falls for a second honeymoon--and the region's fanciest casino, where they hope to salvage both their finances and their relationship. Recently reviewed: Songs for the Missing (**** SELECTION Jan/ Feb 2009), Last Night at the Lobster (**** SELECTION Mar/Apr 2008).


The Street Sweeper | ELLIOT PERLMAN: Elliot Perlman, an Australian writer (Seven Type of Ambiguity [2004]), is a master at crafting multiple narratives and perspectives. In The Street Sweeper, many lives intersect: a paroled felon working as a street sweeper at a hospital; a dying man with an important tale to tell; and a professor with a potentiall bright future. Their worlds collide as their stories cross time and place--from the Holocaust to the American civil rights movement.

An Available Man | HILMA WOLITZER: When Edward Schuyler, a 62-year-old science teacher, finds himself widowed, he quickly becomes the center of female attention. Can he find true love again? Or will he remain forever wed to the memory of his wife?

The Quality of Mercy | BARRY UNSWORTH: Barry Unsworth, Author of more than a dozen novels, won the Booker Prize for Sacred Hunger (1992), in which William Kemp, reeling from losses in cotton speculation, entered the slave trade in the mid-18th century. This novel returns to the same era, this time chronicling the adventures of Erasmus Kemp, who hopes to avenge his father's death and who brings the...

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