Listen up.

Author:Nicholson, Natasha
Position:Editorial - Brief article

What does it take to foster great communication in your leader? If your leader has a thirst to communicate and seeks every opportunity to engage with an audience, that question might be easy to answer. But great leaders aren't always so outgoing. Some of the most talented leaders are introverts, and coaxing out their talent for communication takes some finesse. In the pages that follow, you'll get guidance on what it takes to cultivate great leadership communication. Here are a few thoughts that build on that advice.

Whether they are introverts or extroverts, leaders each have a distinct voice--and that voice is a result of how their perceptions and life experiences have shaped them. If we really want to understand how our leader's voice can become an inspirational force, we should start by gaining a genuine understanding of his or her life, and what led to the vision he or she is offering. Before...

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