Listen to Your Blessed Mother.

Position:The Christian Studies Shelf - Listen to Your Blessed Mother: Mary's Words in Scripture - Brief article - Book review

Listen to Your Blessed Mother

Gary E. Zimak

Liguori Publications

9780764823756, $10.99,

According to Roman Catholic religious tradition, Mary (1st century BC--early 1st century AD) was an Israelite Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee and the mother of Jesus Christ. Among her many titles are Saint Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and Virgin Mary. She is identified in the New Testament as the mother of Jesus through divine intervention. Christians hold her son Jesus to be Christ (i.e., the messiah) and God the Son Incarnate (see Trinitarian monotheism). "Listen to Your Blessed Mother: Mary's Words in Scripture" by Gary E. Zimak (founder of 'Following The Truth', a lay apostolate dedicated to teaching the truths of the Catholic faith) is a 144...

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