The list: 101 top movers & shakers in America.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

For the second year in a row, we are presenting you with our list of the 101 most influential individuals in the Latino community. This year's work has been centered around not just accurately updating those names who stayed from last year's list, but also searching for those who started shining lest year and have been key figures in their own fields. More than a half of them stayed, mainly because their power and influence as a result of their professional activities and positions are still there and will be for some time. A good number of them are new names that are emerging as real movers and shakers because above all, their influence is strongly felt in many circles.

A few examples are big corporation CEO's such as Bill Perez at NIKE and Antonio Perez at KODAK. It is, however, still uncommon to see this level of Latinos in large corporations. Antonio Villaraigosa, who wasn't on the list last year, this year is one of our biggest luminaries. The highly acclaimed L.A. Mayor is one of the brightest stars in the Latino galaxy and surely a man of a tremendous influence and power.

Our list, as usual, is a subjective one. Its main purpose is to identify who's who in our community. These leaders are the ones shaping the future of Latinos in this country and their work and example is followed by thousands that perceive them as role models. They are the cutting edge of this expanding universe that is the Latino Community and pretty much the ones who will make history leading that expansion; socially, politically and economically speaking.

Naturally, these 101 leaders are not the only ones, but certainly all of them are key in understanding the leadership of today's most influential Latinos. Please join us in celebrating their leadership and accomplishments.

Where they live

California dominates by far, with 27% of the 101 residing there, followed by New York with 16.80% and Texas with 8.91%.

STATE TOT % Arkansas (AR) 1 0.99% California (CA) 28 27% Colorado (CO) 2 1.98% Washington D.C. (DC) 19 18% Florida (FL) 5 4.95% Illinois (IL) 6 5.94% Michigan (MI) 2 1.98% New Jersey (NJ) 1 0.99% New Mexico (NM) 4 3.96% New York (NY) 17 16.80% Oklahoma (OK) 1 0.99% Oregon (OR) 1 0.99% Other 3 2.97% Pennsylvania (PA) 1 0.99% Texas (TX) 9 8.91 Virginia (VA) 1 0.99% Total 101 100 Where they come from

This category refers to the ethnic origin of the 101 Leaders. Not all of them are Hispanic; in those cases, their heritage is listed as "USA".

Mexico continues to dominate with just over half the total names on the list. Cuba and Puerto Rico tied for second place with a combined percentage of 25.7% or just over a quarter of the list. The countries included in the category "Otter" are: Chile, Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Breakdown by Countries:

USA 9 Cuba 13 Puero Rico 13 Mexico 55 Colombia 2 Venezuela 3 Other 6 Level of education

This year we are including a breakdown of our influentials' level of education, impressively enough, a full 80% of the influentials have college degrees, with 49% having advanced degrees, whereas only 9% has a high school education or lower. The category "other" includes those whose education level was not specified or who either had some college exprience or less-than a secondary education.

Secondary/High School 9% Bachelors Degree 31% Masters Degree 22% Doctorate 27% Other 11% How Old Are They?

More than 50% ere between the ages of 51 and 61. The next closest group is only ten years younger. This year, however the 62-72 age group grew by 3.87%.

51-61 54.50% 51-61 54.50% 18-28 2.02% 29-39 6.06% 40-50 21.20% 51-61 54.50% Gender Breakdown

Of the total 101 individuals profiled, 77 were males, 23 were females and 1 was a family.

23 females 23% 77 males 76% 1 family 76%

Who's In

Diana Campoamor Eduardo Castro Wright Tom Castro Lloyd Chavez Linda Chavez-Thompson Hector de J. Ruiz Moctesuma Esparza George Feldenkreis Ricardo Fernandez Raul Fernandez Emilio Garza Oswaldo "Ozzie" Guillen Phillip Hardberger Alex Lopez Negrete Los Tigres del Notre Aida Maisonet--Giachello Marilou Martinez-Stevens Janet Murguia Alex Padilla Douglas Patino John Paton Nancy Pelosi Antonio M. Perez Rudy Perez William "Bill" Perez Samuel A Ramirez Sr. and Jr. Harry Reid Judith Rodin Marcos Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Manuel "Manny" Sanchez Tony Sanchez Shakira Ann Marie Tallman Alisa Vaidez Rodriguez Jeff Valdez Daniel Villanueva Sr. Antonio Villaraigosa Daddy Yankee

Who's Out

Pablo Raul Alarcon Sr. and Jr. Luis Alfaro Xavier Becerra Alain Belda Henry Bonilla Fernando Botero Alfredo Brener Santiago Calatrava Louis Caldera Frances Cordova Alfonso Cuaron Carolyn Curiel Olga Dominguez Fernando Espuelas Emilio and Gloria Estefan Daisy Exposito--Ulla Ana Maria Fernandez--Haar Lisa Fernandez The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Luis Gutierrez Leopoldo E. Guzman Salma Hayek Antonia Hernandez Oscar Hijuelos The Robert Wood Foundation Douglas W. Knight The MacArthur Foundation James M. McNamara Mario Molina Ricardo Montalban Armando Ojeda Harry Pachon Alex Rodriguez Loretta Sanchez Arnold Schwarzenegger H. Lee Scott Solomon Trujillo Juan Vazquez

The Profiles:

Placement by Alphabetical Order--001 Area of Influence--Arts

Name--Isabel Allende

Job Title--Writer, Journalist

Highest Academic Level: BA In Journalism

Age: 63 Residence: San Rafael, California

Who she is: The daughter of a diplomat father and a distant niece to then-Chilean president Salvador Allende, she traveled broadly during her childhood but returned to her homeland as a teenager Following a military coup in 1975, she fled to Venezuela. She worked for various magazines and television stations, but she eventually found her niche in writing novels. When she discovered that her grandfather was dying, Allende began to wirte him a heartfelt letter Four years later, this transformed into her first and most acclaimed novel, The House of the Spirits. Allende has lived and worked in the U.S. since 1988. Her most recent novel, Zorro, made the New York Times' bestseller list.

Why he made the list: She is one of the foremost Latina writers in the world, whose works have sold more than 35 million copies and been translated into 27 languages. Her recent trilogy of children's novels, City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon and Forest of the Pygmies, surprised many of her adult fans and won new ones. Aside from her prowess as a world-renowned author for all ages, she heads the Isabel Allende Foundation, in honor of her daughter Paula who died of porphyria disease in 1992. The foundation sponsors Esperanza Grants to assist women and children in healthcare, education, employment, while Paula Scholarship educational grants and Espiritu Awards promote literacy, education, and healthcare.

Our Prediction: There are a few biographies on the leading Latina as well as one for children (Isabel Allende: Award-Winning Latin American Author by Mary Main) but we're looking for an autobiography one of these days.

Contact: Isabel Allende Foundation (415) 289-0992

002 Corporate Leaders

Linda Alvarado

President and CEO, Alvarado Construction, Inc

Academic Level: B.A. in Economics, Pomona College

Age: 53 Residence: Denver, Colorado

Who she is: Born in Albuquerque of Mexican descent, the only girl out of six children, Alvarado graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California guided by her mothers philosophy of "start small, but think big" having watched her mother help support the family by taking in laundry and ironing work. Alvarado's first job was on a construction site, but as a project accountant. Now, Alvarado is the President and CEO of Alvarado Construction Company, one of the fastest growing commercial general contracting firms in the country.

Why she made the list: At a time when women made up less than 1% of the workforce in construction, Alvarado became a construction site manager and decided to start her own construction company Today, with over 450 employees and revenues of more than $41 million per year, Alvarado Construction is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Her construction company has built the Denver Broncos Stadium, The Colorado Convention Center and Denver international Airport. Part owner of the Colorado Rockies, the first woman and the first Hispanic to own a professional major league baseball team, Alvarado's list of achievements is a long one. She serves as Chairman of the Board of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and as Commissioner of the White House Initiative for Hispanic Excellence in Education.

Our Prediction: With her several business interests and ties to the community, look for Linda to expand her businesses as well as her philanthropies across Colorado as well as nationally. Alvarado will win several more awards for her business success and for being a female role model.

Contact: Alvarado Construction, Inc. (303) 629-0783

003 Corporate Leaders

Ralph Alvarez

President, McDonald's North America

Academic Level: B.B.A., University of Miami

Age: 56 Residence: Oak Brook, Illinois

Who he is: Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Alvarez first incursion in the world of fast-food in 1977 when he was hired by Burger King. Alvarez joined McDonald's in 1994 after a lengthy career at Burger King Corporation and later with Wendy's International, Inc. In 2004, he was promoted to president of McDonalds' USA division, and shortly thereafter to President of McDonald's North America. In this role, Alvarez is responsible for the complete operations of McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.

Why he made the list: As President of Mc Donald's North America, Alvarez oversees the operations of more than 15,000 restaurants in total-as well as the finance and strategic planning functions of the company Thanks to Alvarez's savvy vision, McDonalds now includes several healthier choices in its menu and is doing an exceptional job at promoting a healthier concept of the brand. In addition, recognizing the increasing buying...

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