Line 3 Is Part of a Larger Global Threat.

AuthorRussell, Scott

Enbridge Line 3 is one of three proposed pipeline projects to boost Alberta tar sands crude oil exports. The other two are Keystone XL and Trans Mountain; both are currently stalled, but not dead. President Donald Trump is trying to jump start Keystone XL by presidential fiat. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to do the same for Trans Mountain, which the Canadian government bought.

Kendall Mackey, an organizer with the national climate change group, reminded people at a recent Keystone XL resistance training in Minneapolis that these fights are all connected. "Tar sands are the snake pit," she reflected. Collectively, "we have been able to stop the expansion of this industry for the past decade."

Canada's proven oil reserves rank third globally behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Most reserves are highpolluting tar sands oil. Canada is growing the industry regardless of environmental damage. Cleanup costs from tar sands mining are now estimated at $260 billion, the Canadian National Observer reported.


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