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* Cannabis commerce is evolving dynamically and often dramatically. To stay abreast of up-to-the-minute regulations and current competitive landscape, cannabis-related companies need a highly skilled compliance partner.

Denver's Highmark Data was founded to address all key business and legal intelligence needed to make the smartest and most compliant decisions. Cannabis companies partnering with Highmark Data can continue revving up their growth engine while ensuring full adherence to the latest municipal, state and federal regulations and "murmurings" that may substantially impact business operations.

Lightning Labels, a Denver-based custom label printer that began establishing cannabis relationships with Colorado medical marijuana purveyors more than a decade ago, is committed to helping make sure cannabis customers are fully aware of compliance requirements. This awareness goes beyond labels and packaging to include the entire business and legal spectrum.

Gary Paulin, Lightning Labels' director of sales and client services, describes the partnership as a much-needed value-added service for customers. He notes," With an often-conflicting maze of local, state and federal regulations, cannabis presents a unique challenge for purveyors to stay up to speed and fully compliant. Highmark Data gives them a way to do that."

Highmark Data principal Kristen Savage emphasizes that the breadth and depth of the company's services includes minute as well as major details presented in commonsense, flexible and user-friendly ways. She points out, "We gather the industry intel so you don't have to--offering valuable compliance data and helping clients stay informed about changes to local laws, taxes and business licensing opportunities. We present data in a way that makes sense. Everything is packaged in a visual, friendly format to make smarter decisions quickly. Our data is available in multiple formats so that you can use the information to meet specific business goals."

A birdseye view of Highmark Data's services covers an expansive terrain of compliance and competitive intel. Services include: Law index enabling efficient access to current cannabis laws and all source documents associated with each law; Legislation tracker to stay current as new legislation is introduced, debated, voted on and enacted...

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