Life work is a life's work.

Author:Chynoweth, W. Edward
Position:Letter to the editor

Drafting a statement by a confluence of religious communities was a challenge ("That They May Have Life," October). This one certainly makes its point that God's gift of life is to be cherished. World and national events since the project began in 1992 have only increased the need for a firm understanding and convincing exegesis to resist the liberal abortion culture. However, more is needed than this statement, which, for all its proper rhetoric, avoids specifics.

One cannot discuss the abortion culture without considering feminism and its radical ideology of sex equality or even sex equity, two concepts alien to Christianity. The statement aspires to promote "a more just social order that defends the gift of life," "a more just and humane social order," "culture and civil order," etc., yet avoids delineating the details of such order basic to Pauline teaching and alien to feminism. As Pope John Paul wrote, "The eternal mystery of generation, which is in God himself, the one and triune God (cf. Eph 3:14-15), is reflected in the woman's motherhood and in the man's fatherhood" (Mulieris Dignitatem).

The statement strangely rejects the need for political action: "While...

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