A Life of Service.

Author:Cuzick, Christian

SHATTERING THE MISCONCEPTION that one person really can't make a difference is the life of James C. "Jimmie" Smith, a 45-year IMA[R] member who passed away on November 3, 2019, at the age of 71 and who leaves behind a wife, Sue; a large immediate family; and an amazing legacy.

I first worked closely with Jimmie when I became chair of the Member Relations Committee in 2016 and Jimmie took on leadership roles for various chapter, council, and campus initiatives. Jimmie and I discussed many things, including the need to focus on members' engagement with students. I recall Jimmie's passion for IMA and his belief that the CMA[R] (Certified Management Accountant) credential could change people's lives. He recognized the benefits and value of certifications to those who hold them, and he made great personal sacrifices to share that message.

Those sacrifices included taking time duringhis retirement years to reach out to students in his home state of Texas about IMA, the CMA, and management accounting. Jimmie was the driving force behind the creation of the Campus Influencers program in 2016 and was one of its most active participants as the program enjoyed great success over the past three years. To date, more than 200 members have participated as Campus Influencers, and they've reached more than 13,000 students on college campuses across the United States.

Jimmie not only had a heart for students, but also a heart for service. He served on the IMA Global Board of Directors several times and on several subcommittees; he served as president of three IMA chapters as well as the...

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