A Life of His Dreams: Dana Robinson Talks with Landslide® Magazine

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ana Robinson has had many titles over the years, including intellectual property (IP) attorney,
adjunct professor, entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and even reverend. While many know of
him as the cohost of the Opt Out Life podcast and author of the book Opt Out: Rethink Success.
Reinvent Rich. Realize the Life You Want, for years his primary occupation was that of an IP attorney.
Dana was trying to balance six businesses and the client grind and did something many people can
only dream of. He decided to sell his possessions and stick a few things in a storage unit. He put the busi-
nesses on autopilot and moved to Bali for a year, during which time he wrote a book and went from busy
entrepreneur to digital nomad.
Now, outside of the practice of law, much of Dana’s energy is focused on helping people “opt out”
of traditional jobs and the life they’ve been “sold.” He is helping people live the lives they want now,
not when they’re 65 years old, not after a midlife crisis, and not after a health scare. His goal is to teach
people how to achieve their version of freedom, whatever freedom means to them, whether it is owning
a business, scaling down to a simpler life, or traveling the world. Dana believes that society keeps us in a
“comfort zone” on purpose, and we must ght to break free.
A Life of A Life of
His DreamsHis Dreams
Dana Robinson Talks with
Landslide® Magazine
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