Life is good for Mario Guevara: Chief Executive Officer of the Big Group: life is made up of a series of decisions, or at least that is how Mario understands it, knowing which opportunities to take advantage of and which to let slide by.

Author:Bautista, Jacobo

In his case, he resisted an interview with the Director of Resources of BIC Mexico until he finally accepted. He ended up partnering with Bruno Bich, which was the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime, which has led to managing more than 18,000 people working in 60 countries.

Studying chemical engineering was the right choice for Mario who had grown up in a family of engineers. After graduating from the UNAM, he completed his master's at the IPADE and entered the Condumex Group "in the area of corporate finances, which has a lot of visibility among those companies that make up this great industrial group."

From the Condumex Group, where he worked just over five years, he went over to Moulinex, a French manufacturer of small household appliances, which recently was acquired by SEB, says Mario.

"I was the Vice President of Finance and Administration of Moulinex Mexico and Central America. Then 1 got a telephone call from Tomas Fischer, Human Resources Director at BIC who wanted to know if I would interview with them."

With a lot of projects and work ahead of him, Guevara told his old colleague from the Condumex Group that he was not looking for work, but the human resources director insisted. "So that he would stop calling me, I told him that we should meet over coffee.

In turn, he proposed that I get acquainted with BIC Mexico and wanted to take me to the United States to their factories."

He accepted the offer to go to the United States where his first interview was with Bruno Bich, the heir of Marcel Bich (1914-1994), BIC's founder. "As it turned out, the interview was at his house in Greenwich, Connecticut. I arrived and said 'What is this!'" he recalled with a huge smile.


The interview with Bruno Bich was at the beginning of the decade of the 90s. After seeing the plants in the state of Connecticut, he decided to join BIC Mexico. In all of the professional decisions he has made, Mario Guevara adds "I talked it over with my wife," "we both decided," or something to that effect and with the opportunity of growing in the company, world renowned for its ballpoint pens, he joined in 1992 as Finance Director of BIC Mexico.

"In less than a year, Bruno Bich honored his promise and I took over as General Director of BIC Mexico," he relates. He adds that since his time at Moulinex he has studied French as major decisions were made in meetings where French was spoken.

He draws a smile remembering Professor Pontones, "a very demanding...

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