Library of Congress showcases rare items.

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Library of Congress Junior Fellows interns, along with the Library of Congress' curators and specialists, recently presented more than 100 rarely displayed items from 17 Library divisions to members of Congress, their staffs, and the James Madison Council. Featuring examples of both American and international knowledge and creativity, the display included:

* An Olmec ceramic figurine (900-1200 B.C.).

* An 18th-century royal tax decree with the seal of King Ferdinand VI of Spain.

* A copyright deposit box from 1873, which includes a collection of maps by oceanographer and cartographer Matthew Fontaine Maury.

* A wood engraving print, "Bird's eye view of Liverpool, as seen from a balloon, 1885."

* An 1886 journal written by William T. Hornaday, a conservationist and founder of the Bronx Zoo.

* The American Citizen, a 1916 naturalization guide for Yiddish-speaking immigrants (that features an inscription to Pres. Woodrow Wilson)

* Watercolor paintings of costume designs for the 1938 New Orleans production of "One Third of a Nation"

* A guest book used from...

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