Lexi Nally.

Position:NEHA NEWS

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, I earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a minor in business administration from Ohio University. After growing up in the Midwest, in August 2018 I was ready to take on a new adventure and move to Colorado. Soon after moving, I realized my current job in the health insurance field was no longer serving me and I needed to find a career that would better suit my dreams and ambitions. I was craving a career that needed to do three main things: 1) nurture my passions, 2) foster my professional growth, and 3) positively impact others. Working at NEHA checks off all those boxes for me as I've learned about our association's mission.

My passion for environmental concerns began with my involvement in multiple collaborative and personal environmental artwork projects. Those experiences opened my eyes to the need for a better future by creating better environments. As NEHAs member services representative, I appreciate interacting with our members and learning from them, as well as providing...

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