Levitin, Sonia. The goodness gene.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

LEVITIN, Sonia. The goodness gene. Penguin, Dutton. 257p. bibliog. c2005. 0-525-47397-1. $16.99. JS

It's the future (2207) and the world has gone through a devastating chaos; now a seemingly benign dictator is in charge. He has twin sons, who are approaching adult= hood, being groomed to share the power with their father. Will is a good speaker, charismatic; Berk is aggressive and somewhat ruthless. Theirs is a world in which an elite group of humans make all the decisions. They live in a highly sheltered environment, drinking nutritional drinks instead of what we would call food, enjoying symsex instead of having physical contact with others, and generally are divorced from reality. The story gets really interesting about a third of the way through when Will travels to another region and learns some hard truths about his own existence: that he and his brother are actually clones of Adolf Hitler. Will meets a rebellious underground group who are trying to keep to old values, such as growing actual food and eating...

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