Lever has made significant upgrades to help companies scale faster and more efficiently. The Winter Release focuses on creating more efficient workflows and supporting more strategic and sophisticated hiring organizations.

Highlights of this release include two features called Auto-screening and Confidential Postings, as well as the rollout of Lever's proprietary Opportunities data model. Taken together, these updates substantially improve the way companies manage candidate relationships, internal mobility, and inbound applicants.

The Winter Release proves yet again that Lever is able to support even the most complex recruiting processes, said Laura Marino, SVP of Product at Lever. And not only does this release support more sophisticated workflows, it also streamlines existing ones, providing new efficiencies and helping companies scale faster and more effectively.

The new Auto-screening feature lets recruiters more efficiently process a higher volume of inbound applicants. With Auto-screening, recruiters can automatically disqualify candidates who don't meet certain requirements and prioritize cohorts of others. That means recruiters don't waste time manually screening every applicant.

The automation rules that undergird the new Auto-screening feature can also automatically tag candidates. This added meta-data helps categorize candidates, enriching your talent database to make it more organized and more easily searchable.

For instance, if a job requires fluency in Chinese, Lever can automatically archive candidates who don't speak the language and tag those who are proficient. This makes it easier to prioritize the candidates to review and to find the right candidates for other jobs that also require or benefit from Chinese fluency.

Confidential Postings support the handling of sensitive roles, such as executives and planned backfills. This feature provides granular access controls that restrict visibility of these postings and any candidates tied to them to a custom subset of users on a need-to-know basis.

Rather than handle these roles outside the system, hiring teams can use Lever as a single source of truth for all types of candidates. This ensures that reports are always accurate and up to date, regardless of confidentiality.

Easy Book is Lever's self-scheduling tool, a feature...

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