Level One Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:LEVL), Sacramento, Calif., a leader in mixed-signal integrated circuit design for high-speed communications, has announced achievement in extending ISO 9001 registration to established design centers in Oregon and New Jersey and recently acquired Acclaim Communications in San Jose.

Level One has acted quickly to bring all entities in compliance with Level One's proven product development process. The assessment occurred in December 1998, with official registration granted in February 1999, by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).

"Level One has proven management systems, including the product development process, that contribute to its standing as a leading supplier of high-speed silicon connectivity solutions," states Dan Koellen, vice president, quality and reliability assurance. "By expanding ISO 9001 registration to include all entities, our customers are assured that all product is developed, manufactured and delivered using Level One's tried and true methodology."

Acquired in July 1998, Acclaim Communications, now Level One's Internetworking Business Unit, was assimilated and registered in less than six months. According to Koellen, quite a feat considering Level One's rigorous operational standards and documented procedures that enables them to rapidly ramp to volume production and maintain near zero product returns. Expanding ISO 9001 registration to include all entities shows Level One's dedication to provide quality products to their customers from all sites.

ISO 9001 is one of the ISO 9000 series of quality system standards developed by the...

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