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Author:Packard, Richard
Position:Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

After recently reviewing back issues of The International Journal of Humanities and Peace, I feel compelled to write this letter of praise and appreciation for those who have contributed so much of their lives toward furthering our potential to gain knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. For those who realize the satisfaction and comfort derived from more broadly educated human beings, living in conditions of cooperation and peace, the Journal is a beacon in the darkness of human endeavors which would otherwise allow free reign to those who would narrow and depreciate our human existence.

Each issue of the journal has assisted in drawing that very important web of relationship between science and the humanities which more closely conforms to the actual reality of the way things work. This journal is not about the matter of scientists vs. the humanists, but contributing writers have provided a myriad of articles showing the natural existence of togetherness and relatedness.

Presently, an alarming number of countries, religions and organizations (their leaders, groups and individuals whose destiny it is to be embedded within them), are narrowing down to a functional level which demonstrates the many hazards and indecencies of raw emotion, bound toward total power and selfish control. Without the protection of science, and lacking in any semblance of a balanced education in ethics and positive human values, this observable fact of depreciation in the transfer of positive human principles of interaction seems to be expanding at an alarming pace. The problem can be observed all the way from countries, to organizations, to large and small groups; furthermore, it is not limited to any particular part of the world. This sad situation is leaving large numbers of people without the ability to socially advance; their destiny is rapidly becoming one which lacks

Thank goodness for those who have (and continue to) stand up against ignorance and for providing the opportunity to learn about the possibilities of improved individual and social development. The writers who have shared their contributions of knowledge and wisdom are greatly admired for taking the considerable time and effort to contribute articles to the Journal's Editorial

Dr. Richard Packard

Professor Emeritus

Center for Excellence in Education

Northern Arizona University

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