Letters to the editor.

Author:Nevitt, Anne
Position:Letter to the Editor

Dear Nadji:

I loved your article, 8 Steps For Taking Customer Loyalty To The Next Level (August, www.tmcnet.com/cis/0804/po.htm). Being in sales, it is a great thing to see in writing how I was taught to sell by my former manager at BellSouth. After being "impacted" by a "downsize" in December with BellSouth, it has been difficult to find a company and a management team that believes these steps. I did find it at Inter-Tel. Loyalty to my customer has been paid back by the number of Bell customers who now call me at Inter-Tel. It was not about money, but about doing the right thing.

Thanks again for putting these simple reminders in print.

Anne Nevitt

Senior Account Executive




Your editorial in Customer Interaction Solutions[R], 8 Steps For Taking Customer Loyalty To The Next Level, was right on!

Customer service determines your repeat business potential!

As a motivational speaker/sales trainer in Wisconsin, I have an acronym, "REPEAT," which salespeople...

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