LETTERS to the editor.

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I am the Michigan coordinator for the Second Amendment Sisters. My husband and I are also FFL dealers who receive and enjoy reading Shooting Industry magazine. Your article, "Now Is Not the Time to Quit the Battlefield" ("Industry Watch," Feb. 2001), is excellent, and I would like your permission to share it with the public. I'd like to make copies of the article to have available at gun shows we participate in and to provide to our other Second Amendment Sisters state coordinators.

We will spread this information far and wide! Too many people think that because President Bush is in office, everything is fine and dandy. Well, you and I know differently. The battle will never be over. Michigan will continue to trudge on!

In Liberty,

June Fellows

Second Amendment Sisters

Michigan Chapter

via www.shootingindustry.com

Thank you for your kind comments. There's no problem with making copies of "Now Is Not the Time to Quit the Battlefield" and sharing it as you've mentioned. We only ask that you copy the entire page, thus giving Shooting Industry magazine credit.

We've mentioned Second Amendment Sisters in our magazine several times, and Lisa Parsons-Wraith wrote of your organization in her June 2000 "Arms & The Woman" column. Keep up the good work.

(Note: The Second Amendment Sisters Website is www.sas-aim.org.)

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