Letters to the Editor.

Position:Letter to the editor

As a doctor speaking with other professionals in the same field, I've realized how many do not get any type of SUCCESS magazine philosophies and thinking in school. They come out with a degree, totally unprepared for the real secret to success. They have all the technical skills for a career, but few have the interpersonal and self-development skills needed for ultimate success in real life. I have found SUCCESS magazine to be my one key to career success.


Dr. Perry Nickelston

New Jersey

Thank you so much for your inspiring "Publisher's Letter: Don't Miss the Point" printed in the December SUCCESS. I was moved by Darren Hardy's personal story of this wealthy man, on his death bed, admitting his late discovery of the meaning of true wealth. More stories like this need to be shared so others can learn that it is the richness of relationships that matters most.

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman

Ontario, Canada

I think SUCCESS writer Marie Speed did a great job capturing my early story (December "Success Stories") and also some tips on why our store owners are successful. Thank you for your work on this article. My thanks for choosing to include a story on me and Wild Birds Unlimited.

Jim Carpenter, president and CEO,

Wild Birds Unlimited, Indiana

I have been receiving the weekly Seeds of SUCCESS e-newsletter for about six months now and just recently found out SUCCESS was being distributed in the UK by WHSmith. I immediately went to every WHSmith I could find until I got a copy...

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