Letters to the editor.

Position:Letter to the editor

On about June 6 or so, 1 started getting notes from people around the world congratulating me on having No More Mondays featured in the July issue of SUCCESS. I can't tell you how honored I am to have No More Mondays highlighted.


Incidentally, I just finished reading The Compound Effect at lunch today--great read. And great reminder that success is a journey, not a quick fix. I've got it marked up and full of my little yellow Post-it[R] Notes marking significant thoughts to which I will return repeatedly.

Thanks for your ongoing work at SUCCESS and for the ongoing contributions to positive growth and tangible ways of enriching the world.

Dan Miller


I received my copy of SUCCESS in the mail and the CD interviews are awesome. The interview with Chet Holmes was especially meaty. I was a teacher before committing to work on my own businesses and look forward to applying my experience to educational marketing. The story about the voice instructor reminds me to keep my eyes on the prize by working on the business.

Keep up the great work!

Wesley Davis


I enjoyed your article on Thomas Jefferson. I would like to add that Jefferson brought the presidency closer to the people. Jefferson accomplished that feat simply by shaking hands with people. Jefferson's predecessors, George Washington and John Adams, did not shake hands with people. Instead, people bowed to Washington and Adams as if they were kings. We all owe...

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