Letters to the Editor.

Position:Letter to the editor

As a new subscriber to SUCCESS, I want to thank you for reassuring me that I made the right decision. I have been an avid online follower and have never been disappointed. After receiving my May issue, I knew that the pendulum had indeed swung my way. This issue was right on time as I embark on my newly found passion, incorporating health and wellness as success principles. Many people strive to be successful, but in only one area of their lives--their pocketbooks. Thank you for showing people the other side of the coin.


Donald Payne


First, you guys rock! I love SUCCESS magazine, the CD that comes with it and the polls you are doing on SUCCESS.com.

Bobby Bakshi


Many thanks for the very nice article in SUCCESS magazine on Colin Bodhill and me. It is so good to see a magazine about real people with real success stories. It's truly inspirational, full of like-minded people going places, a huge "yes" factor. Congratulations.


Jennifer Murray


[featured in the May issue]

I enjoyed your article on Chris Freytag [in the May issue], and I love SUCCESS magazine. I shared the Chris Freytag story in my class and the kids loved it! We held a discussion on the "you're so lucky" comment and the difference between a goal and a dream. [When people tell her she's lucky, Freytag says, "I am not lucky. I worked hard to get what I earned."]

Lorie McDonald Tuma


The article "The Recipe for Achievement" was fantastic. I have...

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