I Liked the June/July Issue

I got it: the [June/July 2023] copy of The Progressive. "You are worthy," etc. Good reading. I shared it. Thanks.

--Seth Silberstein

The Bronx, New York City

Enclosed please find my check to renew my subscription to The Progressive. The most recent issue [June/July 2023] was almost overwhelming in its support of the LGBTQ+ movement. Like most people my age (ninety), we were taught that homosexuality was a sin. We were also taught many other things that were not true.

--Jim Murray

Green Valley, Arizona

I received and read your important June/July 2023 issue. I'm greatly impressed by your reporting--I'm new, as this is my second issue. I hope this [donation] helps--I'm not LGBTQ+ but am a religion/science heretic. They'd be after me past, now, future.

--James D. Curtis

Iowa City, Iowa

And April/May, Too!

I cannot thank you enough for publishing anti-war views--which sadly are rare on the left these days.

--Shani, via email

I've been checking the public library for the return of your April/May 2023 issue, but your magazine is so popular, I haven't yet landed this copy!

--Patsy Gavin

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Because of the article by Noam Chomsky ("The Clock Is Ticking," April/May 2023), I am renewing my subscription. It is essential that the United States and this magazine, The Progressive, view the entire world--botheconomically and socially--not through the war machine. The United States is failing its citizens and the world with its focus on maintaining hegemony through war.

--Myrna Hammond

Anchorage, Alaska


I love your magazine! The articles are so timely and informative. But--I wish you would fix the dangling modifier problem. It bothers me! Here's an example from the interview with Iceland's prime minister ("Where Climate Action Has Gone Mainstream," April/May 2023): "As the leader of Iceland's Left-Green Movement, these issues had long motivated her." The modifying phrase applies to the subject of the interview, not to "issues." It should read: "As the leader of Iceland's Left-Green Movement, she had long been motivated by these issues." This kind of thing happens often (in the rest of the world, too).

--Judith Inskeep, via email

When Zooey Zephyr Speaks, Let's Listen

I am no leftist, but let [Zooey Zephyr] speak and serve those who elected her ("I Will Not Apologize," June/July 2023). They can vote her out if they wish, but I oppose censorship of the left or right, as long as it does not advocate violence...

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