Editor's note: Dear readers, it is an embarrassment of riches. We have received more letters--by mail, email, and the web--about the August/September issue than any other in recent years. However, that also means that all of these have been shortened to allow as many voices as possible in this issue.

Bill Blum, "The New Era of Rightwing Judicial Supremacy"

The article... was very useful in its analysis of the rightwing Supreme Court decisions of late. An understanding of the positions of the five hardcore ideologues on the Court would have been well served had Blum dug deeper into the roots of the mindset of these Justices... . I read in a forgotten article some years ago that the late Justice [Antonin] Scalia, and Justices [Samuel] Alito and [Clarence] Thomas belong to an influential religious society [Opus Dei] formed in fascist Spain just before dictator Francisco Franco took power.

--Vincent F. Luti, via email

Mathew Foresta, "Seeing Red"

Regarding the culture wars: With the recent Supreme Court rulings--on abortion rights, overturning EPA guidelines, and more--the last bastion of the paranoid white man has become a de facto legislative body, which was not the intent of our founders. What the Justices fail to understand is that their rulings run counter to the majority thinking in this country, essentially laying the groundwork for a future social revolution. Add to that the misinterpretation of education, which resembles indoctrination, by [Republican Governor of Florida Ron] DeSantis and his ilk, and we get a sense of the thing they fear most: truth.

--Stephen Ragsdale Caledonia, Illinois

Book Excerpt: The Constitution in Jeopardy by Russ Feingold and Peter Prindiville

Thanks for the interesting article "Using the Tools We Have." Many in the tech world would suggest that any effort to rewrite the U.S. Constitution should wait until artificial intelligences (or DNs, for Designed iNtelligences) have become sentient... . Any legislators considering rewriting the Constitution should first immerse themselves in science fiction dealing with a world full of sentient AI [Artificial Intelligence]. Keep up the great work, folks.

--Joseph Mitchener Pioneer, California

Why not just follow the rule of law and issue the call for a general convention forthwith? It is mandated, the states have legally satisfied the clause, and the 117th Congress is the latest to hold the American people hostage by not issuing the call.

--John de Herrera, web comment

Ruth Conniff, "Democracy Slipping Away"


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