Uncomfortable Realities

"Comfortable with their evil." Those four words, found in "The Spirit of the Antichrist," an excerpt of Obery Hendricks's book Christians Against Christianity, characterize completely the complicity in every story told in your June/July issue--indeed, every story since enslavers first brought Africans to our shores.

Comfort with their evil has been on full display since the January 6 treasonous insurrection, and in many states with new laws to keep people from voting. Only we can save our democracy, and only by rising up like the many millions of Black Lives Matter and other activists who have surged in recent years.

It's ironic that, in the end, if our democracy is to survive, it will be saved by the activism of the descendents of the enslaved people who built this country for the elite who were then so comfortable with their evil.

Our job is to join with these activists until we render those in power forever uncomfortable in their evil. Armed with the stellar focus on these matters that you shared in this edition of The Progressive, there is hope. Thank you so much!

--Nancy Churchill

Princeton, Illinois

Re "The Spirit of the Antichrist": Although it's universally recognized that love and peace are Christianity's cardinal features, anyone who has read the New Testament will see that it has many contradictions that confuse its readers. For example, Jesus is described as the "Prince of Peace." But listen to what he says in Matthew 10:34: "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace on earth, but a sword."

Yet, no one questions these discrepancies--instead, some religious groups including the evangelical right devise convoluted "explanations" to fit their agenda. --David Quintero

Monrovia, California

Going Postal

Bill Lueders's "Saving the Postal Service" (June/July issue) is a strong piece, listing several Congressional bills that could help solve the agency's problems. But unless Senate Democrats kill the filibuster, I'd rate the chance of any of them passing as zero; they'll all run headlong into the enormous elephant turd that Mitch McConnell has dumped on the legislative road. And so long as idiots (or colluders) like Senator Joe Manchin keep a death grip on the filibuster, that grip will be the death of the Postal Service and the Biden agenda.

--Michael Spence

Tukwila, Washington

Congratulations on a fantastic article on the Postal Service. You managed to cover all the complicated issues facing the Postal...

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