You're Missing the Real Story

A full magazine (February/March issue) devoted to Trump?!? We all know he is an incompetent President--not to mention a white supremacist with many other low-integrity characteristics. I believe you are missing the real story, which is exactly what the Deep Oligarchic State wants.

Ever since Trumps electoral victory, we have been smothered by industrial-strength Russiagate propaganda by our left corporate media. Per the indictments, a few Russians tried to influence some U.S. citizens on Facebook and Twitter. Wow, that's bad. [Meanwhile], the Deep State is beating the war drums. They want to fight the Russians, Syria, Yemen, anybody who disagrees with the U.S.'s strong-arm approach. These are the real stories. Trump is a sideshow to distract the left.

--Randall Robinson Corvallis, Oregon

Death Penalty Fan

I used to be against the death penalty ("The Death Squad of Alabama," February/March issue) until I started working at the old Joliet Prison. I worked from 1978 to 1999. I came across hundreds of inmates I would have personally executed.

How about the horrors that were experienced by the people they chose to murder?

--Brad Douglas New Lenox, Illinois

No Sympathy

"The Unforgiven" (April/May issue), about the deportation of Southeast Asian refugees, was educational. However, the refugees are being sent back because they broke our laws. I have no sympathy. The other question is why didn't the [authorities] change their status to legal aliens?

--Richard Silbert Walnut Creek, California

Way to Go, Cecile

Compliments on the excerpt from Cecile Richards's book ("All in the Family," April/May issue). I liked the son's comment: "When I grow up, I want to be a woman." I am a ninety-three-year-old with a college degree and taught in ten high...

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