Adding Insult to Injury

Re: "The New Indian Wars" (February/March issue): I'll never understand why the Navajo Code Talkers of World War Two helped defeat the enemies of a nation that launched a methodical genocide against their ancestors. And now we have the latest exhibit of the U.S. President's repulsive behavior. What could have been a more intentional insult to these venerable Indian veterans than to photograph them in the White House next to a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the avowed enemy of American Indians?

--David Quintero Monrovia, California

The Horror of Death Row

Thanks to The Progressive and Anthony Ray Hinton for bringing home to me the outrageously cruel and inhuman terror and stink of life on death row. Your powerful excerpt, "The Death Squad of Alabama," in the February/March issue should be mandatory reading not only for all judges but for all attorneys. I believe that the end of the death penalty would soon follow.

--Kitty Vondrak Schroon Lake, New York

Praise for Mike Ervin

I found "Beware the Wrangler" by Mike Ervin (Smart Ass Cripple, December/January issue) very timely. The advantage of home and community-based care cannot be overstated. This makes the threat against it all the more serious.

Even if one does not appreciate the individual freedom and dignity the program offers, it is more cost effective. More public awareness of this and others issues affecting people with disabilities might be helpful in maintaining support.

--Janis Deckert Plantsville, Connecticut

Seldom in the years since I became a subscriber of The Progressive in 1979 has a column or article caused me to smile more than "The Importance of Being Shameless" (Smart Ass Cripple, February/March issue).

Rediscovering the meaning of shamelessness is an empowering and clear-headed response to our times. Listening with respect and attention to detail to everyone we meet will do more to encourage people to stand up for themselves than any charity walk-a-thon. It's in the daily reality we struggle through that real change will come. I look forward to more from Mike Ervin in your pages.

--Billy Prendergast Oakland, California

Yay! I was so happy to see a column by Mike Ervin in your last two issues. I love his writing, and he brings much-needed attention to issues and subjects that don't get enough mainstream exposure. More please!

--Mary Hahn Spring Green, Wisconsin

The Fight at Home

I feel like I'm in an argument with Ruth Conniff. I found her Over the Wall...

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