AuthorMuselin, Scott
PositionLetter to the editor

Dear Air Power History,

Thank you for your rapid response. Yes I do enjoy your historical morning reports, received here at 0500 and generally the first item I read every morning--I do love things that fly, and the history that surrounds them. My primary research focus is the Manhattan Project (MP) / Project Alberta specifically. Although in this current instance I'm helping a friend Bob Watkins http:/Avww.ww2battlecolors.com/ hunt down this elusive Arnold "Alaska" patch.

I appreciate your outstanding navigation aid, I was hunting this target in the members area yesterday and don't know how I missed this AP in the left margin. I have secured this 2011 edition requested, and again thank you so much for your help.

With regard to the flight patch, I have already contacted AFHRA, Maxwell and AFHSO Bolling, with Bolling being my big hope as this 1934 mission started from there--no dice from either archive; just another mission piece of Air Force history, for now. This is why I've extended the search looking for the jacket as an artifact at some museum. First on the list...

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