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What About British Imperialism?

THE JANUARY 2000 CHRONOLOGY ("WHAT'S Next?") of Latin American history fails to mention the many times the British Crown tried to invade and control by force independent South American countries in the 1800S.

Eduardo Ambros

Long Island, New York

Unhealthy History

YOUR TIMELINE ("WHAT'S next?" January 2000) of Latin American history is great, but it is woefully lacking the inclusion of the Pan American Health Organization. Founded in 1902, the Pan American Health Organization is the world's oldest public health agency. In 1924, all 21 American republics met in Havana, Cuba, and signed the Pan American Sanitary Code, the first treaty of any kind to be signed by all these countries. In 1948, the Pan American Health Organization also became the regional office for the newly formed World Health Organization.

Bryna Brennan

Pan American Health Organization/WHO

Washington, D.C.

Exciting Chilean Elections

IN YOUR DECEMBER 1999 ARTICLE ENTItled, "It's the Economy, Stupid," about the Chilean presidential elections, you stated than the two leading candidates sound like boring small-town mayors, gobbling down...

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