Letter to the Editor, 0621 UTBJ, Vol. 34, No. 3. 8

PositionVol. 34 3 Pg. 8

Letter to the Editor

No. Vol. 34 No. 3 Pg. 8

Utah Bar Journal

June, 2021

May, 2021


In the April/May, 2021, Bar Journal, Bar President Heather Farnsworth wrote, “We’ve Come A (Little) Way, Baby”, as a descriptive way of informing lawyers the Bar Commission is committed to diversity and inclusion. After reading the article and understanding the Bar diversity policy I think her article should be entitled “Caucasians, The New Diversity”, or “White, Now and Forever, Baby”.

The Bar President propounds that diversity is important and Commissioners are committed to fostering this ideal. We are also informed that about 7% of Bar members are from racial and ethnic groups that have been judicially determined to be protected classes which have historically suffered from discriminatory practices, rooted in prejudice, stereotype, and hate. Rather than ask why the Bar has so few minority members in this day of professed “diversity and inclusion”, or investigation of reasons for the under representation, the article pivots. Using supremacist logic, the author informs the reader that the Bar policy is, “to promote diversity with respect to geographic regions, practice settings, etc.”.

Really? The Bar defines diversity as Caucasians who practice law in St. George, or don’t earn big firm paydays or are in solo offices? Correctamundo Bar brethren. Bar diversity...

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