Letter to the Editor, 1217 UTBJ, Vol. 30, No. 6. 8

Author:Justice Christine M. Durham c/o the Editor, Utah Bar Journal

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 30 No. 6 Pg. 8

Utah Bar Journal

December, 2017

November, 2017

Justice Christine M. Durham c/o the Editor, Utah Bar Journal

Dear Justice Durham:

Thank you for being the first female member of a court of general jurisdiction in the State of Utah.

Thank you for being the first woman to serve as a Justice on and as the Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court.

Thank you for giving generously of your time and talents to advance the quality and diversity of the Utah State Bar.

Thank you for being a supportive and considerate mentor, and for teaching us to be bold, compassionate, and committed to professionalism.

Thank you for serving the Utah State Courts with excellence and distinction for 39 years.

And thank you for your myriad accomplishments, which have made our accomplishments possible.


Judge Kim T. Adamson, Salt Lake County Justice Court

Judge Anna Rossi Anderson, South Salt Lake Justice Court

Judge Judith S.H. Atherton, Third District Court

Judge Charlene Barlow, Third District Court

Judge Suchada P. Bazzelle, Fourth District Juvenile Court

Judge Katherine Bernards-Goodman, Third District Court

Judge Judith M. Billings, Utah Court of Appeals

Commissioner Michelle Blomquist, Third District Court

Judge Ann Boyden, Third District Court

Judge Heather Brereton, Third District Court

Judge Jennifer A. Brown, Fourth District Court

Judge Tena Campbell, U.S. District Court for Utah

Judge Michele M. Christiansen, Utah Court of Appeals

Judge Su J. Chon, Third District Court

Commissioner Catherine Conklin, Second District Court

Judge Christine S. Decker, Third District Juvenile Court

Judge Sherene Dillon, Second District Juvenile Court

Judge Susan Eisenman, Third District Juvenile Court

Judge Sherlynn White Fenstermaker, Springville and Mapleton Justice Courts

Judge Angela F. Fonnesbeck, First District Juvenile Court

Judge Janice L. Frost, Second District Juvenile Court

Judge Evelyn J...

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