Letter to the editor.

Position:Letter to the editor

Recently, I purchased a SUCCESS magazine in the airport for something to read on the plane, not expecting anything in particular. But I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful idea of the CD and the interview of Jeffrey Gitomer and others. The enthusiasm and energy blew me away. I immediately ordered six subscriptions of your magazine for individuals in my organization.


Terry Monroe


Every once in a while, after many years of studying personal development, I come across something that causes me to say, "Wow!" The most recent was your incredible presentation on DVD, The Best of SUCCESS 2009 Symposium. Thank you for a life-changing moment.

Timothy Daniel


SUCCESS magazine is absolutely the best publication I have ever subscribed to. The ideas and testimonials really are motivating and life-changing. I am an entrepreneur and have three children under 10. I can't wait to start them out on this path to success and get them involved in SUCCESS for Teens. I love the free SUCCESS CD. I have them on my MP3 player. They are great! Every month, I can't wait until it arrives, and I listen to it constantly. Keep up the good work. Both my family and my parents are being inspired by SUCCESS magazine. We are all going through Darren Hardy's Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life blog program.

Jason Martin


The blog program Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life is amazing! I have identified my passions that were not clear to me before. Having a clear purpose is key. The life I want does not happen by chance. I am committed to dreaming big and designing my life.

Erik Harris


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