A Letter From the Other Side.

Position:Brief article - Book review

A Letter From the Other Side

Anita Eklund Larsson


Library Tales Publishing


The Barrett Company

9780615868165, $16.90, 248pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: The Carter and Walker families both live in Minnesota and have strong family ties to Sweden, but that's where the similarities stop. As a horse-farming family, the Carters work very hard for very little income. Their home on the outskirts of Mora, Minnesota is a far cry from the home of the Carters, a wealthy and powerful family, who live in Minneapolis. What brings the families together is the force of love. After a chance meeting, brothers Sam and Gabriel Carter fight for Megan Walker's love and attention. Passion, grief and tragedy are mixed with intrigues and mysterious disappearances in this family-tale that tells of multiple people's lives and...

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