Letter From the Editor

Published date01 July 2017
Date01 July 2017
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.22286
Letter From the Editor
Dear JCAF Reader,
On behalf of the Journal
of Corporate Accounting edi-
torial team, I wish to express
our sincere appreciation to
Art Worster, Thomas R. Wei-
rich, and Frank Andera for
their series on “Managing IT
Change.” The installments
in this series have been very
informative and beneficial
to readers. A series conclu-
sion and summary appears at
the end of the current (final)
installment in this issue,
“Managing IT Change—
Program Governance.”
As editor-in-chief, I invite
anyone who is interested in
proposing a series of install-
ments for commissioning in
JCAF to submit your pro-
posal directly to me at jcaf
We are especially interested
in a series featuring “finance”
Press release of the America n
Institute of CPAs:
Survey: Corporate Risks
Rising—But Risk Man-
agement Efforts Not
Keeping Pace
16, 2017) – New
research from North
Carolina State Univer-
sity and the American
Institute of CPAs
(AICPA) finds most
executives see risks
increasing in both
number and complex-
ity—but those same
executives say their
organizations’ risk
management efforts
may not be staying
abreast of those risks.
The findings are
part of a new report
titled “The State of
Risk Oversight: An
Overview of Enterprise
Risk Management
Practices,” released
jointly by AICPA and
NC State’s Enterprise
Risk Management
(ERM) Initiative.
In a survey of 432
chief financial offi-
cers and other senior
executives, nearly 70
percent of large, public,
and financial service
company respondents
reported that the risks
they face are increas-
ingly complex and
numerous compared to
five years ago. At the
same time, less than
50 percent of those
only 25 percent of all
their risk management
processes as mature or
“What this study
reveals is that there is a
huge disconnect between
corporate challenges and
how organizations are
responding to them,”
says Mark Beasley, co-
author of the report,
director of the ERM Ini-
tiative and the Deloitte
Professor of Enterprise
Risk Management in
NC State’s Poole College
of Management.
This disconnect
may stem from the fact
that only 25 percent
of survey respondents
felt they had effectively
integrated risk manage-
ment into their strate-
gic planning.
“If risk manage-
ment isn’t advancing
strategic goals, it’s hard
to show its value,
Beasley says. “And that
means risk manage-
ment can easily slip
down an organization’s
list of priorities.”

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