Letter From the Editor

Published date01 September 2017
AuthorJames B. Edwards
Date01 September 2017
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.22296
Letter From the Editor
Dear JCAF Reader,
It is encouraging to observe
that the Journal of Corpo-
rate Accounting and Finance
provides articles dealing with
multinational issues and devel-
opments. There are some who
believe that well-managed, ethi-
cal, multinational companies
have an opportunity to become
better agents for promoting
widespread international eco-
nomic prosperity than govern-
ments. Governments are limited
by the boundaries of jurisdic-
tions that are parochial in their
reach to affect activities outside
their domain. Most interna-
tional companies bring invest-
ments, products, jobs, and so
on that enhance the economic
well-being in a new venue with-
out imposing conditions upon
the local population.
I invite and encourage read-
ers and authors from all over
the world to submit articles
and commentaries dealing with
global economic issues and
solutions. All submissions to
JCAF must be in the English
language through the portal
at mc.manuscriptcentral.com/
JCAF. Submitters simply setup
a personal account and use this
pathway to JCAF.
If you wish to suggest top-
ics that you would like someone
to address, you may contact the
editor-in-chief at jcaf
We are especially interested in
new ideas and topics from all
regions of the world.
Press Release
Investor Advocates Join
Center for Audit Qual-
ity in Calls to Preserve
a Key Provision of the
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
New surveys show
financial advisors and
CFOs agree the 2002
law has improved reli-
ability of financial
Washington, DC—
In a joint letter to House
Financial Services Com-
mittee leadership, the
Center for Audit Quality
(CAQ), Council of Insti-
tutional Investors (CII),
and CFA Institute today
expressed shared oppo-
sition to any legislation
that would erode Sec-
tion 404(b) of the Sar-
banes Oxley-Act (SOX)
or that would revise the
definition of accelerated
filer as defined in Secu-
rities Exchange Act of
The letter, sent
ahead of the House
Financial Services
Committee’s scheduled
May 2 markup of the
Financial CHOICE Act
2017 Discussion Draft,
outlines the many ben-
efits for companies that
meet the current defi-
nition. These benefits
include enhanced investor
and market confidence
in financial informa-
tion that is among
other things, timely and
verified independently
which research shows,
in turn, can lead to
lower cost of capital.
“We commend
efforts to strengthen
the US economy and
help companies raise
capital; however, we
do not believe Section
404(b) of SOX is a
regulatory burden or
impediment to capital
formation. In fact, we
refer you to academic
research that indicates
that any increase in the
public float threshold
would not spur capital
formation, and could
have the unintended
consequence of erod-
ing investor confidence
and the quality of

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