Letter From the Editor

Date01 January 2016
Published date01 January 2016
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.22115
Letter From the Editor
Dear JCAF Reader,
On behalf of the readers of
JCAF, I wish to express appre-
ciation to David M. Cannon
and Stephen R. Goldberg for
their many years of service to
JCAF. They have provided us
with great previews of many
books with their book reviews.
They deserve a period of rest.
They have earned some time off.
Their insights will be missed.
Until someone is selected
to provide book reviews, Tom
Pryor will share some insights
into some of his book selections
for a few issues. Tom is an avid
reader and a member of the
JCAF Editorial Advisory Board.
I welcome recommenda-
tions for someone to provide
book reviews. Also, everyone is
encouraged to write short com-
mentaries on any relevant cur-
rent subject of interest to cor-
porate accounting and finance
executives. Commentaries are
not subject to a peer review
process. The editor will review
and select these contributions
for publication.
We encourage everyone
to share your insights into the
current issues facing account-
ing and finance executives by
writing for JCAF. Our content
guidelines are simple:
1. Stay with relevance.
2. Be friendly to the reader.
3. Do not assume that all
readers understand the
topic, so explain it from the
beginning and fully develop
a clear explanation of
4. Do not make the reader
work to read your article, so
keep the thought threads in
a. Reveal the leading theme
in an orderly way.
b. Make sure that your
main ideas, assertions,
and arguments relate to
your intended message in
a very obvious and clear
c. Verify the truths
5. Post review.
a. Read it yourself as a
reader rather than author.
b. Is the information pre-
sented signicant?
c. Is the information pre-
sented important to
d. Are there any unnished
points or unanswered
issues that are
e. Did you actually put in
writing what you meant?
f. Did you complete what
you started?
We wish to publish the
work of academic researchers
and other visionary think-
ers. We simply ask that these
contributions be written in a
style that is easy for business
executives to read effectively
and efficiently. Even the most
complicated subjects need to
be translated in a manner that
makes the utilization of these
ideas usable by practical busi-
ness people.
You will notice some new
designations in this issue. These
designations are used to iden-
tify articles according to the
selection process that is used
for inclusion in JCAF. The fol-
lowing symbols are used:
R Referred (Double-
Blind Peer Reviewed) – These
manuscripts are processed by
an anonymous peer review
team that provides a rigorous
analysis, critiques, and recom-
mendations for publication to
the editors of the JCAF. The
highest standards for academic
research excellence are applied
in this review. This classifica-
tion is intended primarily for

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