Letter From the Editor

Date01 April 2018
Published date01 April 2018
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.22332
Letter From the Editor
Dear JCAF Reader,
I wish to thank all those
who contributed to the suc-
cess of the Journal of Corpo-
rate Accounting and Finance
(JCAF) during 2017. JCAF is a
concerted product of authors,
reviewers, staff, publisher, and
readers. Each of these is an
essential resource of JCAF.
Together, this group can con-
tinue the evolving progress that
has taken place during the past
year. JCAF may be the most
diversified and balanced jour-
nal among journals of account-
ing and finance in the world.
The mix of scholarly, clinical,
commissioned, commentary,
and columns provides a mix
of content more apt to provide
some information of interest
and usefulness to a variety of
During 2018 everyone is
encouraged to make an effort
to be a part of the success of
JCAF by participating in the
ensuring developments of
JCAF. We need to increase
the readership, expand and
penetrate the “best practices”
of accounting and finance
throughout the world. We need
for authors to “step out of
the box” and explore an entire
“new frontier” of accounting
and finance.
One of the most “thankless”
roles is that of reviewers; yet
they are critical to the quality
of the final product. Indepen-
dent peer review requires that
reviewers and authors remain
invisible to each other through-
out the review process. This
role is essential for the effective
and efficient publication of
“value-added” information. Per-
haps, each of us should invest
some time to this effort for the
“common benefit” of every-
one. Regardless of how this is
perceived, JCAF needs volun-
teers to assist with this essential
process. When we do accept a
review assignment we need to
respond effectively and timely.
Procrastination on the part of
reviewers is unacceptable.
Everyone needs to promote
JCAF because an educated
people promote economic
stability for all. The one con-
stant in today’s global business
environment is change. For
an individual to remain com-
petitive that person, too, must
change. Whether that change is
successful depends on how well
one adapts to change and har-
ness it to one’s own advantage.
Lifetime learning has never
been more necessary than it is
today. Involvement in JCAF
can be a valuable part of one’s
lifetime learning whether as
an author, reviewer, or reader.
Your knowledge base will be
in constant need of replenish-
ing; and your professional and
personal skills set will need
updating and enhancement as
well. We all need to keep our
knowledge current and our
professional skills set sharp
and nimble.
My reading of many manu-
script submissions to JCAF
has made me aware that some
authors do not fully under-
stand the characteristics that
should be present in “schol-
arly” articles.
Normally the following
characteristics are associated
with articles that are classified
as “scholarly.”
Written by experts in the
subject field.
Read and respected by
other experts and students
in the subject field.
Apt to be assigned reading
for students in the subject
Are cited by other authors
in the subject field.
Reflect the systematic and
thorough study of a single
topic, often involving

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