Letter From the Editor

AuthorJames B. Edwards
Date01 January 2018
Published date01 January 2018
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.22316
Letter From the Editor
Dear JCAF Reader,
The Journal of Corporate
Accounting and Finance has
converted from a bimonthly
journal to a quarterly begin-
ning with this issue (29:1).
This change will provide
additional time to perfect the
articles to achieve the highest
level of quality and relevance
for readers. This will also
provide for a more diverse
coverage of various topics of
interest to more readers in
a single issue. Content page
limitations will become less
restrictive, allowing for longer
articles in which authors can
more fully develop substance
so that readers can view fuller
insights into topics. One of
the goals under the current
editorship team is to trans-
form JCAF into the most
comprehensive, content-rich
accounting and finance jour-
nal in the world. JCAF intends
to create a bridge between
scholarly research and clinical
applications and guidelines
helpful in improving the value
of accounting and finance
applications and practices
throughout the world. To sup-
port this emphasis, everyone
from all vested representa-
tions is encouraged to submit
manuscripts to JCAF for con-
sideration, regardless of your
background or professional
status. When the best scholar-
ship finds presence within the
best business practices, every-
one benefits. There is power
in useful ideas whose time has
As a reminder, you are
encouraged to read “JOUR-
NALS” in the Commentary
Section of this issue. There, you
will find that JCAF embraces a
variety of categories enabling
authors to employ a variety of
styles in presenting their contri-
butions to readers. A primary
theme of JCAF is to suggest
that authors should be servants
by sharing their insights into
issues of interest to corporate
executives in accounting and
finance. Hopefully, more dia-
logue will be established as a
balance is reached between the
scholarly works of academics
and the applied practices and
issues faced by those engaged
in business activities. It is desir-
able that a balance will develop
with ample input from all
viewpoints as JCAF provides
a vehicle for supporting this
JCAF can be found in
many libraries in all parts
of the world. JCAF invites
authors to submit English
versions of manuscripts repre-
senting scholarship, business
practices, and relevant issues
found in all parts of the world.
Economic stability for every-
one is best achieved through
cooperation, communication,
and sharing among relevant
representatives throughout the
world. A servant-driven per-
son seeks economic prosperity
for others through contagious
sharing of useful, constructive
If you wish to suggest top-
ics that you would like someone
else to address, you may con-
tact the editor-in-chief at jcaf
We are especially interested in
new ideas and topics from all
regions of the world. If you
are reluctant to write a feature
article, you should send a Let-
ter to the Editor thru the JCAF
portal using the Commentary
category so that the rest of us
can benefit from your knowl-
edge and insights. Dormant
ideas do not benefit anyone. We
will find a way for good ideas
to be shared in JCAF.
The Commentary section
in JCAF provides a forum
wherein everyone (readers and
authors) can discuss or even
debate common issues of inter-
est. I, as editor-in-chief, am
seeking someone to volunteer
who would be interested in
establishing and managing a
column in which a continu-
ing dialogue could take place

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