Letter From the Editor

Published date01 May 2016
Date01 May 2016
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.22154
Letter From the Editor
Dear JCAF Reader,
I am pleased to announce
the addition of another out-
standing person to the Edito-
rial Advisory Board of JCAF.
He is Dr. Michael C. Cipriano,
CPA, PhD. He is currently a
Visiting Assistant Professor of
Accounting at James Madi-
son University in Harrison-
burg, Virginia. Dr. Cipriano
is a two-time graduate of the
University of Notre Dame,
where he earned both a BA
in government and interna-
tional relations and a BBA in
He served as an Audit
Intern for both Deloitte & Tou-
che and Coopers & Lybrand
before starting his career as an
Audit Associate with Deloitte
& Touche in Chicago, Illinois.
After leaving Deloitte, Mike
worked both as an Assistant
Controller for First Industrial
Realty Trust with primary
responsibility for issues related
to Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC) reporting
for the real estate investment
trust (REIT) and as a Systems
Integration Consultant for
CNA Insurance Companies.
Mike began his career as an
academic at the University of
Iowa while earning his MBA,
teaching accounting classes and
developing a research agenda
that he continues to execute
today. The primary groups that
his research has targeted are
intermediaries between corpo-
rations and capital markets,
specifically equity research
analysts and financial state-
ment auditors. His objective is
to understand better how these
groups can improve the qual-
ity of information received by
various potential sources of
Mike received his doctorate
in accounting from the Uni-
versity of South Carolina, and
his work has been published
in several journals including
Electronic Markets, The Journal
of Prediction Markets, and the
Managerial Auditing Journal.
Recently, Mike and two of his
coauthors were honored by the
Fordham Journal of Corporate
and Financial Law for having
the most downloaded paper in
that journal since 2011.
Mike is best described as
being pragmatic and passion-
ate in his approach toward
research, teaching, and serv-
ing the accounting profession.
He wants his work to have a
positive, tangible impact on
policy and practice. He has
brought research findings
into his undergraduate and
graduate classrooms over the
past 19 years and has worked
closely with dozens of account-
ing firms in the southeastern
United States by delivering
continuing professional educa-
tion (CPE), placing his students
and developing mechanisms to
better synchronize the needs
of the profession with current
accounting and other business-
related curricula.
Mike will focus on improv-
ing the category of Editorial
Review in JCAF. He has excel-
lent insight into the transfor-
mation of academic-based
thinking into practical applica-
tions that are useful to those
working in the applied world of
accounting and finance. He will
be a great source of counsel for
authors and publishers in the
clinical field of accounting and
finance. He may be reached at
cipriamc@jmu.edu in matters
relating to JCAF.
The other three members
of the Board are Tom Pryor,
President of Integrated Cost
Management Systems, Inc.
(ICMS); Gregory L. Prescott,
CFM, Assistant Professor of
Accounting in the Mitchell
College of Business at the Uni-
versity of South Alabama in
Mobile; and long-time member
Caroline Strobel, PhD, CPA,
who is a retired Distinguished

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