Letter from the editor.

Author:Vega, Sarai

The healthcare industry has seen a downward plunge in Latino talent. However, this is one of the industries that needs Latinos the most.

In this year's health edition, we recognize top Latino talent in the healthcare industry. But we also analyze some of the most important topics in healthcare. David Hayes-Bautista, who gracefully appears on our cover, discusses the Latino Epidemiological Paradox and the data that proves that Latinos are naturally healthier (pg. 38). He has spent years studying and researching the link between Latino culture and health.

Throughout my interviews with this leader, one truth was highlighted often: we need more Latinos in healthcare! The lack of Latinos in all areas of the industry has become a very alarming issue. Fortunately, we've met and spoken with experts who are willing to join efforts to create a more diverse industry. You'll be able to find our entire conversation on pg. 34 (Doctors in the House?). We also couldn't pass up the opportunity to feature some of the Latinos who are doing big things. Get to know Sara del Valle from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Efrain Talamantes from MiMentor Organization, Dr. Alex Herrera from City of Hope Hospital and others who have highly represented the Latino community in healthcare (pg. 45).

We have also included our Latina feature. This is one that I particularly enjoyed. It's always great to see Latinas reaching the top. Make sure to check out the list of the Top 25 Latinas in Corporate America (pg. 14). These women were selected from the Top 50 Most Powerful Latinas list, compiled by ALPFA and Fortune Magazine. ALPFA and Fortune have done such a great job in selecting these Latinas. We are extremely proud to have such an influential group of Latinas to highlight in this edition.

And while we're on the subject, make sure to flip to our Spotlight section, where we feature two Latina entrepreneurs. Get to know Patricia Arvielo, President at New American Funding, and Natalie Boden, CEO at Boden PR. They talk to us about their journeys, their roots, their risks and what it took to achieve success (pg. 52).

Our mission here is to connect you to the leaders of our community. Our job is to deliver stories, to bring you the information and to recognize the work. None of this would be possible without those leaders who chose to fight for their dreams.

Sarai Vega

Managing Editor

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