Letter from the editor.

Author:Vega, Sarai


For those who faithfully keep up with us, you might come across a new face. That would be mine! I will be fulfilling the duties of Editor. Our previous editors have done an amazing job and I am ecstatic to continue carrying the torch. You know what else is exciting? This edition! We've been working hard throughout these past weeks to bring you the first edition of 2017, the Business Edition.

It has been a pleasure to meet such incredible people, like Robert Renteria, whom I got the chance to chat with about his work. He is doing such a great job in inner-city schools in Chicago and in prisons. As I talked with him, all I could hear was the passion in his voice. I started to feel his same excitement!

Another story I had the pleasure working on was the feature on Radhames Nova, president and CEO of Junior Achievement of Northern New England. He and his staff are leading an incredible movement in the North. They have a team willing and capable of creating the future leadership of this country.

The beginning of a new year always marks changes and shifts. This year was no exception. As we welcomed in a new year, the White House also welcomed a new president, Donald Trump. This might be an understatement, but this has been a roller coaster ride. Within a few weeks, the president has managed to stir up all types of emotions, good and bad. For our main story, Latino Leaders staff has reached out...

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