Letter from the editor.

Author:Phillips, Jon

SINGER Lyle Lovett once explained to Esquire that he knew some universal truths about women. The first? "Women like to eat outside." As we move toward spring, perhaps we can add a more generalized corollary: people like to read outside. I need no further proof than the last 16 covers that Chad Gowey has conceived, designed, and illustrated for Bookmarks. Fourteen of them are set outside. That's 87.5 percent of our covers since Nov/Dec 2012. I rest my case.

The only thing that makes reading inside more appealing than outside? It has to be about 10 degrees. Mountains of snow outside. A roaring fire inside. A cat or dog curled up at our feet. Reading inside is perfectly acceptable under those circumstances.

Or if there are bugs. You have bugs? Read inside. Or read on a screened-in porch. That counts as outside.

Or worse than bugs: pine pollen. Those of you up North or out West may not understand. You might expect to feel jealous of springtime in the South as you peer out onto the last remnants of soot-covered snow lining the streets. I lived in Binghamton, New York, for years--I understand this.

But here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, we just had one lovely week of sunny weather, but now we will have to bring in all...

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