Letter from the editor.

Author:Phillips, Jon

IT'S EASY TO JUMP on the bandwagon, but in this case, you won't be able to stop me from taking that leap. I'm hoping that many of you have seen or read about this tweet from the Ferguson Municipal Public Library shortly after the grand jury ruling on the death of Michael Brown.

In the days following its publication on twitter.com, the library received national media attention and an outpouring of donations from readers and authors--from Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, to author Neil Gaiman. On November 24, the library had only one full-time employee. As we go to press, the library has spontaneously raised nearly enough money to afford a second.

I'm sure that when the library sent the tweet, they had no visions of national attention. They were just focused on serving their community. So I have nothing new or profound to say except this tweet is library and literary culture at its best.

Moving on ... thanks so much to everyone who sent in a response to my last letter...

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