Letter from the editor.

Author:Phillips, Jon

AS I WROTE RECENTLY, "Have You Read" is one of my favorite sections of Bookmarks magazine. I enjoy getting new perspectives and finding the connections between the different books the author suggests. I've had a related column in mind for a while, but I haven't been able to crack the code on how to do it regularly and successfully. I'd be interested to see a column with readers answering the question: "What are you reading right now ... and why?"

It's a question we often ask friends we haven't seen in a while. It sometimes doesn't come up right away, but when the conversation starts to lag a bit, it can reenergize the room. Books can reveal a lot about where the person is in his or her life. Perhaps it's the latest literary book of the moment that is provoking interesting thoughts or reactions. Perhaps it's international fiction, set in a locale that's become of recent interest. Or maybe it's something pulpy or soapy because life is overwhelming right now.

Maybe your friend sheepishly admits that he or she isn't reading anything at all. That's okay; we've all been...

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