Letter from the editor.


Happy 10th Anniversary to Bookmarks! From my cluttered desk, I'll imagine a grand celebration, a banquet where I could stand up, make a quick speech, and offer up some thank yous.

Thank you to Allison Nelson, my cofounder. We hashed out plans for the magazine over dim sum in foggy San Francisco, and she was the one who made sure Bookmarks would be a complete package--not just a newsletter of review summaries as I had initially imagined. And before we grew up and had an official customer service firm, Allison took each call from each subscriber and endorsed each check. She remains an important advisor to the magazine.

Thank you to Jessica Teisch, whose writing, editorial judgment, and overall talent has graced every issue. We would not have succeeded without her, and 10 years later she is the absolute heart of the pages you hold in your hand. Of course, we wouldn't be where we are today without our regular contributors, including Patrick Smith, Lynn Metzger, and Lee Titus Elliott.

Thank you to my family and to my wife, Wendy. Bruce Springsteen has a great line: "I can't tell my courage from my desperation." When I quit my high-tech jobs 11 years ago to start a literary magazine, I'm not sure if I was brave or at my wit's end. Either way, Wendy never doubted. Or, at least, never doubted out loud. She continues to be amazing. I am a very lucky man.

And thank you to our readers. Many of you persevered with us...

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