Letter from the editor.


We've had a few people apply for jobs at Bookmarks because they picture day-long staff meetings where Jon, Jessica, Patrick, and the rest of us argue over the merits of particular novels and wile the hours away surrounded by piles of books. Sadly, this is not the case. For one reason, real work has to get done. For another, I'm a tremendous introvert, and I wouldn't survive such meetings. (Jessica and Patrick would thrive, but that's another story ...)

Are most readers introverts? It's a fair assumption: who else would be more likely to spend hours at a time, alone, with a book? It's estimated that introverts make up anywhere from 25 percent of the population to just under half. A survey of librarians conducted by Mary Jane Scherdin in 1994 found that about 63 percent of librarians tested as introverted. I'm betting the Bookmarks readership has a similar percentage.

To our extroverted readers-I'm jealous of you! Unlike us introverts, people probably don't mistake your shyness for snobbery or wonder why you need to be alone so often. Your ability to think out loud trumps my need to ponder a sentence over and over again in my head before saying it in front of people. And the rest of us are grateful that you're willing to take the lead in forming book groups! We're so happy to be included and to have a place to interact with our friends and discuss something we love. Unfortunately, we probably wouldn't get around to making book groups happen ourselves.

Though many books in the self-help section of a bookstore or library attempt to console us introverts who suffer from these challenges, those of us...

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