Letter from the editor.


We've received numerous requests to include young adult books in our coverage. We understand the appeal--and that goes beyond the first half of The Hunger Games, which pulled us in like no other book in a while. (The second half, eh, not so much.) Most of these books are plot-driven, have identifiable characters, and a lack of cynicism and suburban ennui. I don't mean to take anything away from them when I say they can both be excellent and go down like comfort food.

We've only devoted occasional articles to the genre, but discussions in the office about the first two installments of our Life Stages series brought the issue to the fore. We addressed Coming of Age and First Love by featuring mostly adult novels, even though young adult fiction is obviously rich in these topics.

The challenge for us in offering coverage with which we're satisfied is the paucity of well-known YA review sources outside of speciality magazines like Horn Book. Again, our magazine's philosophy has always been that we're not here to publish our own opinions. Yes, our loves and biases are reflected in the books we choose to cover and highlight, but...

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