Letter from the editor.

LITTLE KINDNESSES MAKE MY DAY, and I had a chance to witness quite a few of them this month. In our July/Aug 2007 issue, we published a letter from Arlene Coleman, who was dismayed to have missed a sold-out issue featuring a cover story on historical fiction.

We received a dozen e-mails from Bookmarks readers who offered to send that issue to Arlene. Most of the generous bibliophiles who wrote us echoed Sandy O'Key's sentiments: "There are some magazines that I can't bear to get rid of, so I just hang on to them. Bookmarks is one of those. When I read Arlene's letter, I pulled out my old copies and sure enough, there it was. I'm always happy to share them; I just can't throw them away!"

Reading is often a solitary pursuit, and there aren't many opportunities for readers to feel a sense of community. That search for fellow readers is one of the reasons we join book groups or volunteer at the local library. It was personally gratifying to see a little ad hoc community of Bookmarks readers offering to do a fellow reader a favor.

I know that many of you also meet and interact with other literary-minded people through the Internet, so I wanted to let you know that this summer we've been working on...

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