Author:Janow, Merit E.

This volume of the Journal of International Affairs offers a compelling entry point into a subject that is timely and important, but also understudied: feminism as a global political force. Women around the world are increasingly serving as drivers of progress through their public service in senior levels of government, and their leadership of non-governmental organizations and grassroots movements. They are also exerting their influence at both local and international levels to shape public policy, uphold women's rights, and drive peaceful resolution in conflict settings.

The contributed articles in this volume are impressive, and represent an exceptional range of perspectives and backgrounds.

You will find coverage of the challenges facing the women's movement in Pakistan, profiles of women's peace movements in Liberia and Ireland, the transition from war to peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a description of the struggle for feminism and peace in Afghanistan. These essays are powerful examples of how women have had an impact and offer important lessons from previous conflicts.

This volume also considers the treatment of...

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