Letter from the chair.

Author:Molyneaux, Sara
Position:LETTERS - Conservation Law Foundation

When reflecting on CLF's work, it can be tempting to focus on the technical side of what we do--the far-reaching legal precedent set by our latest court victory, the complexities of market mechanisms impacting clean energy, the nuances that transform a law from words on paper into effective policy.

CLF's legal acumen and policy expertise set us apart, to be sure, but they aren't the only reasons why we have been so effective in tackling New England's biggest environmental challenges for more than 50 years.

Our work makes a difference because every landmark legal outcome, innovative market solution, and breakthrough policy result is grounded in communities like yours and in people like you.

CLF knows that creating change New England-wide often begins in one small town, one city neighborhood, or even one family's living room. That's why we don't just stand up in courtrooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms--we actively stand with our neighbors at town meetings, local hearings, and community gatherings.

But even more importantly, you stand with us. Your passion and perseverance, your unwavering support, your love for your community and for New England as a whole--this is what inspires us day after day, year after year, especially in the face of long odds, powerful opponents, and gridlock in our nation's capital.


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